Hi, I am Tica!

I am currently a Data Visualization Designer / Engineer at Visa, previous a UX Developer at Philadelphia 76ers,  with my M.S. degree in Digital Media from Georgia Tech and B.S. in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University. I care about human experience and interaction with information technology, how digital media can enhance entertaining and learning experience, how information design and data visualization can empower human knowledge and understanding of world, and together create a better world with better decision making. 

With years of digital design experiences and technical background in engineering, I am growing as a designer with a mix of human-centered thinking and technical know-how. I sharpen my design capabilities and senses through a variety of interaction design projects, including VR, AR, Web app, IoT service design, and a lot more on my project page

Keyword about me- Taiwanese, AR/VR Enthusiast, UX Designer, Museum Exhibit and Tour Goer, Wanderlust, Photographer, Foodie, Basketball Lover, Marathoner


More about me in person!



Coming from an island country Taiwan, I am always exploring the world outside my boundaries and embrace uncertainty. I left my hometown to study in the top college in Taipei, Taiwan, moved to Japan for 6 months experiencing a different culture, and made it all the way to the United States to pursue knowledge and challenge.

Sometimes things went wrong- I lost all my valuable properties and passport during first time backpacking in Europe, flights delayed and not connected me forward during my first time flying alone to the US, car stopped working in the midnight at a gas station in my first year living in a new country... and a lot more. But it's okay. Life is an adventure, and it is what didn’t kill me make me feel alive and become stronger!

Lifelong Learner

I like embracing every opportunity to learn new things. I like listening to people's stories and learn from them. And I like trying new ways to create more possibilities.

During my undergrad years, I learned circuit design, software and hardware development and worked voluntarily at lab in Academia Sinica. Between 2012 and 2013, I led TEDx Taida group and learned to interview professionals and bring their stories on stage to engage audiences. In 2014-15, I recorded 30 local shopkeepers' stories with camera for a book of local culture and history. This year, I stepped into a whole new world of augmented and virtual reality from a total beginner and fell in love with their wide and powerful imagination. Now as I dive deeper in the field of experience and interaction design, I found my experiences in TEDx and local cultural interviewing extremely relatable and valuable. I believe every learning opportunity is worthwhile and will bring great power into the latter life stage. 



Fun Fact 

- Top writer in NBA on Medium
- Real wanderlust, traveled in over 20 cities in one year
- Solo travel to Cuba for the first time without speaking Spanish
- Founded NTUEE Girl’s Basketball Team and made a buzz-beater in a game
- Official Taiwan Youth Ambassador Delegate visiting Canada
- Accomplished half-marathon & triathlon competition
- Photographer of a Taiwanese best-seller book
- Tandem Skydiving
- Baritone & Violin Player