Tica Lin

Experience Designer & Technologist

Information Architecture + Data Visualization + UI Design + Front-End Development
I specialize in turning complex contents into effective user experiences by creating clean interface and strategized interaction. I am equipped with the latest design know-how and rapid prototyping skills for web tools & apps, and experiences with AR, VR, tangible design. Most importantly, I am always eager to learn more and learn fast!

Please reach out to me at ticahere [at] or connect with me on LinkedIn, twitterInstagram or Medium!





Professional Experience

/ 2018~

Data Visualization Designer / Engineer, Visa

Data visualization design for global data products & business intelligence

/ 2017~ 2018

UX Developer (Analytics & Strategy), Philadelphia 76ers

Information Architecture, Data Visualization, UI Design & Development

- Designed user interaction and interface for internal tools to assist team's basketball operation needs, including management dashboard, scouting report system, coaching interface, etc.
- Collaborated closely with data scientists to deliver desirable analytic results. Strategized information architecture design and data presentation to communicate and impact on team decisions
- Built web tools and data visualization with React JS, Redux, d3.js

/ 2017

Interaction and Web Design, Museum Planning (Part-Time)

C.O. Polk Interactive Museum Digital Exhibit Planning  

/ 2016

UX Design Intern, SparksGrove      

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Self-guided Tour Experience Design

-  Created self-guided tour experience for Mercedes-Benz Stadium as UX design lead on an intern team. Delivered a tour app prototype as an innovative digital solution to stakeholders
-  Conducted user research, persona and user flow verificaiton to fully incorporate physical interactions and exhibits into digital experience

/ 2015~ 2017

UX Designer and Communication Assistant, Georgia Tech

Visual, Web & Communication Design

-  Initiated web design and created digital contents to strategically engage Atlanta multi-faith community through academic events and annual Leadership and Multi-faith Symposiums

/ 2010~2015

Creative Designer, Southern La Scuola

Communication Design, Content Strategy, Web Design

-  Initiated and built branding strategies for the non-profit local education platform, including visual / web design, content creation and social media management
-  Promoted events and news with creative content production, e.g. film-making, visual design, storytelling, engaging over 350,000 readers over time

/ 2012~2013

Curator & Event Coordinator, TEDxTaida 

-  Led the team at two TEDx events with 150 attendees each, coordinated speakers to bring compelling stories on stage, and created immersive event experiences

/ 2012

Business Consultant Intern, Applied Predictive Technologies

-  Performed big data analysis and developed data-driven business strategies on evaluating McDonald’s APMEA renovation and new dinner menu decision



/ 2016~ 2017

Aquarium Tour Experience Design, Master’s Thesis Project  

-  Designed an Augmented Reality app to facilitate Georgia Aquarium tour experience, with careful coordination of existing physical and digital resources, user behaviors and content design
-  Performed research and user-testing with aquarium visitors under IRB approval

/ 2016

VR Interactive Narrative, eTV Lab, Dr. Janet Murray

-  Explored VR as an emerging medium by literature review and conducted information interview with VR experts from WeVR, Oculus, USC ICT Lab
-  Designed iteratively for VR interactive narrative “Lycan”, developed werewolf transforming experience on GearVR & HTC Vive, and conducted user testing

Stitch Sampler, Prototyping Studio, Dr. Michael Nitsche

- Collaborated with local fashion designers to solve the mis-stitching problem of employees
- Designed and prototyped a participatory stitching sampler that converts fabrics and stitching into a playful instrumental interface

/ 2015

Social TV App Design, eTV Lab, Dr. Janet Murray

-  Conducted user research with survey and designed social TV app targeting on building connected and continuous viewing experiences for TV show audiences

eTextile Design, ADAM Lab, Dr. Brian Magerko

− Developed eTextile with the goal of creating music-responsive clothing, and successfully connected LilyPad with javascript music composing platform EarSketch

/ 2014

App & Game Design, Internet and Multimedia Lab, NTU  

− Designed and developed three Android / iOS app using Unity3D and eclipse, one is a desktop messenger, another is a pet-keeping app, and the other is a third-person view maze game

/ 2013

Kinect Game Design, DSPIC Lab, Dr. Liang-Gee Chen, NTU

− Applied 3D vision on Kinect game design, created 3D interactive experiences allowing players to access the screen using gestures

Awards & Others

1st Place, SXSW Hackathon, 2018

Best Project, M.S. Digital Media at Georgia Tech, 2017

Honorable Mentions, MARTA Hackathon Smart City+IoT, Atlanta, 2017

AR/VR Student Panelist, World IA Day Atlanta, 2017

NBA Basketball Analytics Hackathon, New York, 2016

Disney Imagination Design Competition, US, 2015

Taiwanese Government Studying Abroad Scholarship, 2015

JASSO Scholarship, Japan Student Services Organization, 2013

3rd Place, NTU Cloud Innovative App Service Competition, Taipei, 2012

Masterpiece, World Innovative Service Enabler Competition, Taipei, 2011