Communication Design

Communication Design

Web Design / Visual Design / Branding Strategy

1. Georgia Tech "Leadership and Multifaith Program" Design & Communication

- Initiated visual and web design for new established LAMP program
- Managed consistent digital branding strategy across different platforms and events

2. Book Launch Digital Campaign

- Planned and executed the overall digital campaign for a best-seller Taiwanese book, including visual / web design, film making, social media content creation

My Contributions:

- Design communicative artifacts across digital media
- Develop consistent branding strategy
- Create engaging contents on social media  



1. Leadership And Multifaith Program

As a Design and Communication Assistant for the program, I am responsible for all visual design and digital branding images. My works include wireframing website's layout and structure at the initial stage,  establishing the main visual language for the program, and designing posters, booklet and flyers for annual symposium and events.




2. Book Launch Digital Marketing

Social Media, Film Making, Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding Strategy

As the Chief Innovation Officer of the cultural organization "Southern La Scuola", I planned and executed the overall digital campaign a month before the new book "Six Chapters of South" was published in March, 2015. The marketing strategy was a big success and helped the book rank TOP 100 among weekly new books in Taiwan. 

The plan included "Invitation", "Promotion" and "Print Artifacts". All of the digital works, including graphics, photos, website, films and prints, were designed and made by me based on the book's visual language.



01 Invitation Card


02 Invitation Video



01 Social Media

 - Web Content Management & Visual Design
  I established and managed 3 facebook event pages for book launch events.


02 Concept Communication 

- Film making
These videos were filmed to visually express the concepts that the author wanted to convey in the book- the professional dedicated attitude of craftsmen and shopkeepers in southern Taiwan, including their insistence and responsibility they take for customers. 


03 Brand Construction

- Web design
A book-oriented brand website was designed to share all related information and digital design works.

Print Artifacts

Event Photographs

The book launch event on Mar 29, 2015 was held for all citizens and was opened by the mayor. Event pictures were photographed by me.